Combine inspiration from Japanese historic life while transporting guests to the future. The result? A perfectly postmodern fusion restaurants. 

W sushi restaurants are inspired by the Izakaya concept, which originates from Japan. Izakaya comes from the word Iru, which means place to stay & and Sakaya, which signifies sake store. It is a term used for bars where people stayed after work and where food was shared. We use the concept of small plates and interactive service to truly evoke the journey through the gastronomic delights of Asia. 

We focus on every detail of a guest’s visit: down to our open part of kitchen where our Asian chefs prepare food in teppanyaki or wok section to an open part of the sushi bar. A special impression is the sake bar, which, in addition to offering this unique alcoholic beverage, also offers our guests new flavours obtained by infusing aromatic herbs: ginger, wasabi and juzu fruit. A sophisticated twist of informal eating and drinking that stimulates the senses.

For more discreet atmosphere and special personal attention that honouring your needs, visit our private dining room.

The interior of our restaurant in Galerija is inspired by the Kabuki Theatre. We are especially proud of our collection of 102 Kabuki masks which are located on both sides of the mizumi bar. They are representing the number of years of Mizumi geisha who was the protector of the samurai.

This unique art installation seen throughout our downtown restaurant is a special gift from the well-known artist Kihachiro Nishiura.
A bowl for a maccha tea and a bamboo stirrer Chasen were donated for W restaurants, by the master of the tea ceremony, School of Urasenka, Mrs. Katsuyo Yoshida, as a special kind of gratitude for hospitality.

W Menu

Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

  • thinly sliced salmon fillet, ponzu sauce, wasabi pistachio sauce

  • thinly sliced seabass fillet, ponzu sauce, dry miso

  • thinly sliced hamachi fillet, yuzu ponzu sauce, jalapeno peppers, dry miso

  • freshly prepared tuna, avocado, shitake mushrooms with crispy rice chips

  • lightly roasted tuna sliced, ponzu sauce, mix sesame, mint cream sauce

  • fillet mignon steak with creamy mint and yakiniku sauce

  • tuna, creamy mint sauce, sesame dressing

  • roasted salmon in sesame with teriyaki and wasabi pistachio sauce

  • chicken drumstick marinated in five spices with hoisin oyster sauce

  • steak cubes with spring onion, red onion, shiitake mushrooms

  • beef in black pepper sauce with sauteed vegetables served in pineapple

  • fried rice with vegetables, pineapple, prawns and cashews served in pineapple

  • thick udon noodles with vegetables and seafood

  • rice noodles with vegetables and prawns, pad thai sauce and roasted peanuts

  • grilled seabass fiillet in coconut milk with green curry and vegetables

  • black cod marinated in den miso sauce

  • premium roll with king prawn tempura, mixed sesame seeds, marinated eel, avocado, eel sauce

  • premium roll with king prawn tempura, salmon aburi, avocado, crab legs, veggie crunch, japanese spicy wasabi cream sauce

  • premium roll with foie gras, teriyaki truffle peach and asparagus

  • premium roll with king prawn tempura, avocado, baby crunch and eel sauce

  • premium roll with king prawn tempura, mild tuna tatar sauce, eel truffle sauce

  • premium roll with soft shell crab tempura, cucumber and japanese cream sauce

  • premium roll with king prawn tempura, salmon aburi, avocado, teriyaki and gauda

  • premium roll with mild tuna tatar

  • premium roll with salmon, tuna, avocado, sesame and ponzu sauce

  • premium roll with king prawn tempura, salmon aburi, avocado, cucumber, tobiko and japanese cream sauce

  • premium roll with king prawn tempura, tuna, avocado, cucumber and daikon

  • premium roll with king prawn tempura, salmon, avocado, wasabi cream sauce, crunch and mixed sesame seeds

  • premium roll with octopus, crab meat, avocado, japanese cream sauce and mixed sesame seeds

  • premium roll with king prawn tempura, avocado, veggie crunch, teriyaki sauce, cream cheese

  • premium roll tempura with crab meat, avocado, tobiko, mango puree and teriyaki sauce

Side dishes